MEETEE is focused on a new vision of contemporary furniture design tailored to modern lifestyles to the highest levels of craftsmanship

FUCHU FURNITURE, based in Hiroshima, situated in the western part of the Japanese mainland, has been inheriting history and high quality craftsmanship as a major
source of furniture for many years. Based on inherited techniques and
tradition, the new brand “MEETEE” has been launched to express modern ideas and interpretations through furniture.

Introducing the signature series from the brand below.


The heritage of many of the woodworking techniques used by Japanese carpenters originates from Japanese shipwrights.

Inherent in its position as an island nation, it is unsurprising that the maritime industry has been a driving force behind the innovation of wood construction for centuries. The Nadia series has been developed by focusing on a particular method, known as 'kumiki', which uses interlocking construction techniques.

The result is a series of contemporary furniture that harmonizes the design aspects with the high level 'kumiki' structure, as well as giving an affectionate nod towards the wooden vessels of times gone by.

Designed by Jin Kuramoto


We live in a world of five elements which we experience through our five senses.
Five is gently odd. Five is not too many. Five is beautiful.
A five-sided figure is called a pentagon.
We developed a shape that combines a circle with a pentagon.
The chair, the table, the clothes rail and the other members of the Five family all share this iconic shape.
Uncompromisingly made in solid wood, by the best Japanese craftsmen.

Designed by Claesson Koivisto Rune


With the 'Sally' chair, we have finally succeeded in producing a really strong structure with minimum parts.

Once again, we have worked closely with the carpenters at MEETEE in order to find elegant solutions and refined details by applying traditional wood joining techniques of Japanese craftsman. The resulting chair is extremely lightweight and dainty in appearance, with a structure that imbues it with its own, special character.


Tukki is a chair and a table made from solid handcrafted maple and walnut wood.
Tukki chair is an universal stacking armchair with classical composition for many surroundings and needs. The design details stands for comfort and function. Component shaping and also the name, Tukki, refers to specific hand tools used for surviving.

Designed by Harri Koskinen