A Established with the purpose of building the future one step at a time, Ishinomaki Laboratory was founded in 2011 as a simple, public workshop for the local community devastated by the events of the Great East Japan Earthquake. Starting from a series of DIY workshops aimed at restoring and renovating the community, Ishinomaki Laboratory has since grown into a company that defines a new take on handmade craft.

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Design Philosophy

Ishinomaki Laboratory’s approach to design continually pushes the horizons of DIY. With creating spaces and sharing experiences as the focal point of their philosophy, the power of good design becomes a means to energise people and communities. Their aim is to enrich everyday life by encouraging people around the world to rediscover their own innate creativity.


Made In Local

The Made In Local program is an international partnership initiative that celebrates local craftsmen through active collaboration. Merging material localisation with cultures through honest design, the program enables local producers to manufacture Ishinomaki Laboratory’s designs with their own unique take. 

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