KERNEL is a furniture and lifestyle brand that aims to put good design in every home.

Who We Represent

KERNEL curates and creates designs that tell unique stories, are novel in design and value attention to detail.

We believe that your home should reflect who you are and create a harmonious environment that brings out the best in you.


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What We Do

With the harmony of functionality and form at the forefront of our ethos, KERNEL works with acclaimed designers around the region to offer thought-driven, innovative designs that thrive in all spaces.

Design doesn’t stand still, neither do we. That is why we are always working on bringing you novel ideas in home furnishing.

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The Team

Growing up in a family where furniture was very much part of life, our founder, Jason Song teamed up with his two friends, T Y Zheng (ACRE) and Melvin Keng (Kaizen Architecture) to bring KERNEL to life in 2021.

KERNEL adopts a human centric approach to design so as to enrich any home or office.

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